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Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time.

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4:01Hill Hill Hill Hill, debunked, debunked
4:32The Radioactive Beach In New York
The Radioactive Beach In New YorkGanger 640 kMåned siden
7:42Australia's Bushfire-Hunting Satellites
7:49Trying To Fail A Drug Test On Purpose
Trying To Fail A Drug Test On PurposeGanger 1,4 millMåned siden
17:59The Greatest Title Sequence I've Ever Seen
The Greatest Title Sequence I've Ever SeenGanger 1,5 mill2 måneder siden
2:46The Never-Used Road Where The BBC Crash Cars
The Never-Used Road Where The BBC Crash CarsGanger 1,3 mill2 måneder siden
4:03How Many Languages Are There?
How Many Languages Are There?Ganger 858 k2 måneder siden
4:47Walking The Most Dangerous Path In Britain
Walking The Most Dangerous Path In BritainGanger 1,5 mill3 måneder siden
9:51Why The Web Is Such A Mess
Why The Web Is Such A MessGanger 1,5 mill3 måneder siden
6:07I Almost Learned To Fly A Jetpack
I Almost Learned To Fly A JetpackGanger 782 k3 måneder siden
8:21Five Things You Can't Do On British Television
Five Things You Can't Do On British TelevisionGanger 2,2 mill3 måneder siden
5:23My Unlicensed Hovercraft Bar Is Technically Legal
3:24It’s pronounced GIF.
It’s pronounced GIF.Ganger 1,8 mill4 måneder siden
2:25The Theme Park Inside An Old Nuclear Power Plant
7:52We Built A Lie-Detector Skeleton From 1927
We Built A Lie-Detector Skeleton From 1927Ganger 547 k4 måneder siden
3:24The Tiny Monorails That Once Carried James Bond
5:17Would You Swim In Power Plant Wastewater?
Would You Swim In Power Plant Wastewater?Ganger 2,8 mill5 måneder siden
11:121,204,986 Votes Decided: What Is The Best Thing?
4:08Swimming Between Two Continents, Debunked
Swimming Between Two Continents, DebunkedGanger 993 k6 måneder siden
4:22Which Is "Bouba", and Which Is "Kiki"?
Which Is "Bouba", and Which Is "Kiki"?Ganger 1,3 mill6 måneder siden


  • This is glorious

  • They don't have to do that because they are part of a long established communist brain washing dynasty, the new lot are telling the truth and it needs to go according to all the "humans" we put in charge.

  • ‘How do I win in these marrowy clogs?’ is the best sentence ever said

  • As long as I can see that the computer is doing something and progress is being made, I don't care about the progress bar. For example when I copy many files I want to see the current file name change and a red out saying the transfer speed.

  • UwU

  • I've seen this video multiple times and I just now realized that Tom's code (0:47) has some notes I haven't seen before.



  • That isn't zero-G at all. I'm confused by what they are trying to achieve here..

  • 4:58 once in a lifetime experience

  • 0:11 someone's at your front door


  • What about an EMP? Wouldn't it destroy the mites?

  • Come to India in any election season. Also, all the electronic ballets are physically transferred to a central counting location 😂😂😂😂

  • Aren't you guys wanted by the police in london?..

  • Not just a garlic bread its also a go pro and baloons

  • Imagine playing a siren inside

  • I was in a doctor office I looked at his wall and on his degree there was “RIC TAC ACTRAT” and nothing else

  • Ẹ̶̡͖͖̜̱̩̻̜̭̼̘̇̆̅̓́̽͋̓̈́̑̂X̵̛͖̘͊̎͛T̷̄͂̉͑̀̀̏̒͌̒̔͘͜Ẹ̵̢̡̬̘̹͚̝̯̠̥̳̱́́̃̀̈̏͑ͅŖ̸̨͈̰̤͇͕̳̯̤̈́͌͊̀́̐͊͠ͅM̵̛̖͍̺͚͆͒̐͒̅̅̑̊̀͊̂̔͠I̵̛̳̬̟̞̦͊̂͗̽̒͑̐N̷̡̖̹̲̥͔͎̱̗͔̰̰͒̈́́A̴̡͖̜̠̯̺̝̘̜̺͒̈́̔̚͝ͅŢ̴̬̻̺̙̳̜̂̅̔͆̐͌̉̏͊̈̇̌̀̾͝ͅE̸͚̯̼̺̗͓̯̋͌͆̎͛͆̽͆̀̿

  • One question that I had with the higher TA is that you mentioned it would take longer for the saliva to dilute the acids. However, you're not adding anything to this drink to dilute it in the experiment, so slower dilution should not make a difference in this case right? Is it that although the 'overall acidity (pH)' is less severe in the Dew, the higher TA makes it so there is 'more' acid to attack the tooth so it decays faster? Or is it that it can attack the tooth for a longer period? If it's the latter, would doing this experiment for a longer (or shorter) period of time give a different relative decay for the two drinks?

  • There are 3 types of progress bars: The NOlong progress bar, which just moves smoothly if your internet works The Windows progress bar, which goes to 99% fast, but then stops and the Apple progress bar, which goes to 100% slowly, then goes back to 10% and then steps upwards even slower

  • still works 100% 03/03/2021

  • How about we just make another progress bar giving a rough est of the real progress bar? Giving it a forced smooth animation to fool the user? Lmao totally pointless but would solve some adhd issues. :P

  • 1:26 it is in polish

  • You are crazy. They are awful. They take up too much space because the UK is on 240 as opposed to 110v. They and the huge cables are unsightly. If they are on the floor in the dark and you step on one you can seriously damage your foot. American plugs are best because they are small and tidy and you don't even need a fuse.

  • from your mouth movement and duration it seems like express vpn

  • Noone searched for this.

  • They can. Remember the original disk defragmenter gave a really accurate picture of progress but then Microsoft copied it and slowly took away all the tracking capabilities until it ran in the background, and then eliminated all backward capability so now there is no accurate measure of progress, then tried to copy apples circle but their bloat years is so crap everyone things it’s measuring progress but it’s supposed to be a loading pattern.

  • Actually you’re kind of wrong there. In the end we are not really only talking about compression, but also about encoding. A video specifying a bitmap for each frame is *not* the true form of the video, but rather an unintelligent encoding of it. So the idea of compression is not really taking away information, but finding a code that saves the relevant information more efficiently. And this is very important: Such a code does not need to be worse. For example classic image compression methods like Jpeg assume the image to be a discretisation of a smooth source, hopfully with bounded derivative. Now they try to approximate the smooth source by a good system of independant functions. But this means that Jpeg is very good for compressing smooth structures like a gradient, and might be even better than the original bitmap. Why is that so? The encoding does in fact encode smooth data. So you do not only get 256 values per channel, but also all values in between. The problem is that the code will probably not enode brightness linearly (such as a bitmap does), but it will try to increases the bitdepth for medium brightness and reduce the one for very bright and dark pixels. But in the end 256 colors is not bad. The eye does not really perceive those steps outside of the middle range. The problem is much different: Ususally editing software will not work with floats, but with integer values. So when making parts darker you’ll loose bits (about 1 bit for halving the brightness). So if the raw film is at 8 bits per channel, and you do a lot of contrast/lighting/colour processing, you might loose 1 or even 2 bits in some parts, which will give you such banding. And this can lead to a very noticable difference. This is the main reason why professionals work with 10bit instead. The two extra bit just give you lots more space for editing.

  • "why garlic bread? Because it's delicious" Definitely

  • For anyone wondering, he's talking about the Hollywoo sign

  • China be like "let me take that"

  • This Video Has 27,693,292 Views 100% accurate as of 03.03.2021

  • Me who uses the Google password manager ._.

  • 15:41 "I don't know if i'll get anything" *pots all the balls in one go*

  • If the modernist/brutalist aficionados of the world like it so much, why don't they take on the responsibility of restoring it? There are enough of them with money. The fact of the matter is that the building is universally considered to be ugly, badly designed and consequently without any form of value. That's why it looks worse than the 40 times older colosseum: nobody cares. Whoever decided that this building ought not to be demolished is dealing the semi-innocent owners a lot of harm, and they should give up their dogmatic belief in the value of this type of architecture when faced with so much evidence to the contrary.

  • I think the Welsh word for hill is 'Bryn'. 'Pen' translates more to 'top' or 'head'.

  • Looks like an extension of a building that got demolished

  • Anemoia is close. Or perhaps saudade. Neither seems quite right though.

  • It’s Mr. Lindt all over again

  • Checkout lines at the supermarket ARE the real life progress bars. You think that they're only a couple of shoppers ahead of you remaining but then one of them spends eons on counting their coupons and/or "remembering" to get one more thing and disappearing into the isles!

  • This idea would fit perfectly in a twillight episode

  • Imagine if a bird ate that bread 🍞

  • Friend: What's your favorite song ? Me: It's complicated

  • “Slouggggghhhhh” 😂 so true

  • Back in the day, I recall watching as Warcraft 3 progress bar slowly rose up. And sometimes it failed and I had to restart the game on my weak PC. Sweet memories. . .

  • I had all those old ataris on the counter top

  • 1:53 i like ya cut g A.......................

  • Ooooo you're hard

  • Also London Bridge is a bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It was originally built in the 1830s and formerly spanned the River Thames in London, England

  • Question. Could you use some kind of special vacuum cleaner? and then store everything in a special room?

  • Next video: How Tom Scott knew how long the video was going to be before filming it.

  • Wow, that's deep.

  • Smash Mouth. Garbage people who play super spreader events.

  • Tom Scott is always on point with his topic. Such a simple thing like loading bars and I never realized how much I needed a video about it <3

  • while(true) { trackingConsent = false; }

  • Why does Inverness and the surrounding area not have any polling places (on the map)?

  • 11:49 this made me laugh way too hard

  • i dont know what i just watched...

  • This was extremely interesting

  • 2:22 turtarse not the hero we deserved but the one we needed

  • Estimated time remaining.. 18 minutes. 3 minutes.. 12 minutes.. 1 hour 45 minutes. 30 seconds. 8 minutes... Downloading 2.5GB. Download failed. Windows 10, have you not learnt anything?

  • Looks like something I'd build in Cities Skylines.

  • Add Cyberpunk

  • This is terrible and should not be allowed. If an 'artist' needs this, than they are no artist and they need to find something else to do.

  • Best song I’ve ever heard ...

  • The lack of tenses makes Chinese one of the worst languages ever for work communication : Grammatically correct and frequently seen: Salesman: I talk to the client Manager: OK....What say? Salesman: Dunno, not decide. Linguistically they can also do this: salesman: I [SHALL] talk to the Client [tommorow] Manager: Ok.....What [WILL] you say? Salesman: [I]don't know, [I have] not decide[d]. So if they want to be imprecise, or evasive and leave room for denial later, they just have to resort to the previous style of communications. A Chinese speaker knows when their opposite number is being evasive - other peoples may not pick up on it.

  • The worst was the loading screen on the Spectrum. You never knew if it was just taking a while or if it had crashed. Often you'd wait 5 to 10 mins and just start again, sometimes you'd hit reset just as the game finished loading! I quite like the way Ubuntu software update handles things by giving you the option to see a console output on what is happening behind that progress bar so you can see if it's stuck on something or just doing a lot of operations. In a way, progress bars have gotten more frustrating these days the more OS makers have tried to hide things away from users in the name of "user friendliness" when doing that is actually the opposite.

  • The annoying bit is when it gets stuck at "aprox. `1 sec remaining" for sometimes more then a minute... Feels like something crashed then. I prefer the "almost done" message instead.

  • At 6:30 tho

  • I don't think youtube filters real words out of the URL (or it just doesn't filter out dog) , because this URL exists: ?v=J4CDogSTYjA

  • im fine with the load bar stuttering so long as it has a graphic with smooth animation to accompany it :)

  • i have founda way to create a con folder on windows without any extra software or OS 1. go to cmd (command prompt) 2. type "md\\.\\C:\\con 3. enjoy you're con folder on C:\ :3 Warning!! Do NOT put ANY data there, because if you do, you won't be able to get it back, or delete the folder without extra software or thru a diferent OS

  • asbestos land sound fun.

  • Tom Scott: The adventure of the garlic bread to the edge of space

  • I'm currently watching all of Tom's videos in reverse order; I started with the latest in 2021 and then worked my way back through the years, and it is fascinating and weird and great to have entered Tom's "high school years phase", video-wise.

  • Wow nice song

  • 27,692,686 as of 3/3/2021 and still working :)

  • "Theres some tirkcery going on behind the scenes like scammy websites that make you artificially wait ten seconds for something to load so they can show you an advert in the meantime" Oh you mean like youtube? I'm almost certain Tom didn't put two sets of unskippable double 10 second ads on this video.

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